UTVWM in Conversation with Katie Hickman
Posted on Thursday: March,31, by Nabila | 2 comments

Your books take the reader to a time s/he has not seen, centuries that long passed us. How do you recreate that?
- With allot of hard work! You put your finger on what you want to write and do it. Research and Writing are the two sides of…

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"The Primary motive of a Writer today is Cinema and Television" - Junot Diaz
Posted on Thursday: March,31, by Nabila | 1 comments

‘The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao’. How did the book happen?
- I always wanted to write about a Domnican Nerd cause I come from a Dominican African diaspora, where there is a huge thing about masculinity. In…

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Crossover Cinema and More with Chitra Bannerjee
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How did writing a book come about?
- I just started writing for myself. I wasn’t sure if it was good. I slowly joined a Writer’s group and then it gradually becomes important to share your work, hence the publishing happened.


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Candice Bushnell in Conversation with UTV WM
Posted on Monday: March,28, by Nabila | 0 comments

‘Chick Lit’ is a term that is used all the time for your books. It actually came after Sex and the City became a bestseller. What does ‘chick lit’ mean to you.
- Honestly, I don’t know.

How did Writing begin for you?
- At…

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DIAL-1800-SHRINK: Dissecting Tarantino’s Mind
Posted on Monday: October,11, by Aditya | 7 comments

Quentin Tarantino has a strange formula for making movies. Most have a low production value, outrageous storylines, the stereotypical yellow text and stunts that will put Rajnikanth to shame. Hardly the perfect formula. Yet his quirky…

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